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The £15 Tesco business suit
I don’t buy (or wear) suits very often but when I do I remember what a splendid experience it is: getting measured up, trying on (too) pricey jackets and trousers and feeling ...
By Dan Matthews  on   Apr 12,2010 - Comments (49) - Rating (1 votes)
What makes ASOS so darn good?
Online retail has been Britain’s economic success story of the decade (and by extension, the century). And – formally As Seen On Screen – is one of that sector’s leading lights. ...
By Dan Matthews  on   Oct 01,2008 - Comments (122) - Rating (1 votes)
Nowadays, everything’s for sale
Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin group sells everything but that which its name implies. How much longer, you wonder, when virginity (or the removal of it) brings this much celebrity and grubby dollars?
By Dan Matthews  on   Sep 11,2008 - Comments (40) - Rating (0 votes)
How to have nice kids, by Peter Jones
Though it’s a brilliant show, Top Gear isn’t the best place to pick up useful advice about being an entrepreneur.
By Dan Matthews  on   Apr 12,2010 - Comments (25) - Rating (1 votes)
Business lessons from The Wire
I’ve just completed series three of the excellent HBO series The Wire and it occurs to me that in amongst all the cops, drugs and guns there are some valuable business lessons ...
By Dan Matthews  on   Apr 14,2010 - Comments (89) - Rating (4 votes)
Bannatyne won’t let non-doms lie
Dragons’ Den multi-millionaire Duncan Bannatyne is refusing to back down in a feud with rival Dragon and fellow millionaire James Caan over the latter’s non-domicile tax status.
By Dan Matthews  on   Apr 23,2010 - Comments (102) - Rating (1 votes)
Dragons on Twitter
The business credentials of Twitter as a networking tool appeared confirmed yesterday as four out of five Dragons’ Den investors joined the website.
By Dan Matthews  on   Jan 22,2009 - Comments (52) - Rating (2 votes)
Business lessons from Gordon’s gaffe
Gordon Brown sealed Labour’s election defeat with his loose-lipped condemnation of a loyal voter on Wednesday. He will learn lessons from the episode too late, but businesses should avoid such ...
By  on   Apr 29,2010 - Comments (124) - Rating (2 votes)
Want to reach the top? Act weird
It’s a plunging understatement to say that Brad Burton is not your typical managing director. A lot of people like to label themselves ‘mad’, but in this case I think it could ...
By Dan Matthews  on   Jul 17,2009 - Comments (9) - Rating (3 votes)
Let’s end the ‘conspiracy of silence’
As the election race swings towards the home straight politicians from all three major parties are being taken to task over their plans to reduce Britain’s yawning budget deficit.
By  on   Apr 28,2010 - Comments (94) - Rating (3 votes)
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