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UK manufacturing in steep recovery
The UK’s beleaguered manufacturing industry has grown at its fastest rate in more than 15 years, according to the latest data.
By News Desk  on   May 04,2010 - Comments (191) - Rating (2 votes)
UK economy slowing down
The UK economy grew by less than expected in the first quarter of 2010, with the rate of expansion half that of the previous three-month period.
By  on   Apr 23,2010 - Comments (80) - Rating (2 votes)
Tax is baffling entrepreneurs, poll finds
Research out today reveals the extent to which small business owners are being held back by the UK’s confusing tax system.
By  on   Apr 22,2010 - Comments (79) - Rating (2 votes)
First eBayer convicted for bidding on own items
An eBay user has become the first man in Britain to be convicted of bidding on his own items in order to raise their price, in a practice known as ...
By News Desk  on   Apr 21,2010 - Comments (108) - Rating (1 votes)
Late payment getting worse, says RBS
More than seven in 10 small businesses have suffered because of late paying customers and clients in the last 12 months, sparking fears that many will go under as a ...
By  on   Apr 15,2010 - Comments (19) - Rating (2 votes)
Brown admits error over banks
Gordon Brown says he made a mistake in not introducing tougher constraints on banking excesses in the build up to the credit crunch.
By  on   Apr 14,2010 - Comments (4) - Rating (1 votes)
Money ‘not motivating entrepreneurs’
Entrepreneurs across the UK are starting businesses for reasons other than money according to the latest research into entrepreneurial trends.
By  on   Apr 14,2010 - Comments (18) - Rating (2 votes)
September retail figures slump
Despite growing optimism about the economy, September's retail sales remained flat.  The Office for National Statistics (ONS) said that sales volumes stayed level for the second consecutive month
By  on   Oct 22,2009 - Comments (4) - Rating (0 votes)
Philip Green predicts second retail slump
Owner of the retail group Arcadia, Philip Green, said the stock market had risen too far too soon and predicted 2010 would be another difficult year for the retail sector.
By  on   Oct 22,2009 - Comments (6) - Rating (0 votes)
Postal strike misery for small firms
The 48-hour nationwide postal workers' strike will heap additional pressure on struggling small firms.  Feedback from readers indicates that delays in the delivery of mail-order goods, receipt of payments ...
By  on   Oct 22,2009 - Comments (3) - Rating (0 votes)
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