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Launch a small business in 10 steps (part 1)
Every new business start-up has its own unique set of targets, problems and needs - so no two small businesses are alike. But there are certain golden rules common to all start-ups that ...
By Dan Matthews  on   Aug 22,2008 - Comments (424) - Rating (2 votes)
Feisal Nahaboo, founder of Probiz Group
Feisal Nahaboo, founder of Probiz Group, explains how he became the "Tesco of the accountancy profession"; building a business from £5k investment that now boasts profits in the multi-millions, yet still employs just ...
By  on   Aug 08,2008 - Comments (655) - Rating (0 votes)
Get more money when you exit, part I
For many entrepreneurs an eventual sale is the single biggest reason for creating the company in the first place. However, if not planned correctly, business owners could pay up to 40% more ...
By Lesley Stalker  on   Jul 08,2008 - Comments (7) - Rating (1 votes)
Launch a new product or service
Launching a product or service is a critical step for a start-up or early-phase business. Done successfully it can set the business on the path to growth and viability. Botched it can ...
By Steve Wood  on   Jul 11,2008 - Comments (520) - Rating (2 votes)
Income tax self assessment
Andy Hardy, development director at, a provider of tax software solutions, explains the basics to filing your personal tax return.
By Andy Hardy  on   Nov 14,2008 - Comments (24) - Rating (3 votes)
Bootstrapping your way to success
Economic downturns tend to be self fulfilling. We all help to drive market conditions, so if we all decide to ‘batten down the hatches', and become more risk averse we all contribute to ...
By  on   May 11,2009 - Comments (62) - Rating (2 votes)
Can you start a small business with free software?
Business software packages typically cost £300-£999 each, factor in the need for multiple packages on each computer and multiply by a few user licenses and the money soon adds up.
By James Cleverly  on   Jan 23,2009 - Comments (81) - Rating (3 votes)
Identify business cash-flow problems
Cash is king, and cash-flow is a good measure of a successful business. Keeping the cash coming in is the only way to ensure your business survives.
By Steve Jennings  on   Jul 10,2008 - Comments (87) - Rating (1 votes)
Comply with employment law
For business owners, employment law is a minefield with a vast amount of legislation and red tape to negotiate. And the whole area is made more complicated because it moves so fast: ...
By Craig McCracken  on   Jul 08,2008 - Comments (34) - Rating (1 votes)
PR in a credit crunch
As the threat of global recession looms many small businesses are looking to reassess and reduce their overheads and marketing and PR activities are often the first to be cut.
By Kim Stoddart  on   Jul 07,2008 - Comments (64) - Rating (1 votes)
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