Carmen Snipes
She’s lurking at your AGM, earwigging on the...

Throughout the ages, man has consulted the heavens...

  Damon Segal
Damon Segal has been a major force in the design ...

  Brian Chernett
Brian Chernett is founder and Executive Chairman o...

  Steve Van Dulken
Steve Van Dulken is a world-renowned expert on inv...

  Dan Matthews
Dan is a business owner and journalist with around...

  Bernice Hurst
Bernice Hurst is the author/editor of more than 60...

  Charles Orton-Jones
Charles is the former editor of EuroBusiness magaz...

UK manufacturing in steep recovery

The UK’s beleaguered manufacturing industry has grown at its fastest rate in more than 15 years, according to the latest data..
By News Desk May 04,2010 - Comments (191) - Rating (2 votes)

UK economy slowing down

The UK economy grew by less than expected in the first quarter of 2010, with the rate of expansion half that of the previous three-month period..
By Apr 23,2010 - Comments (80) - Rating (2 votes)

Tax is baffling entrepreneurs, poll finds

Research out today reveals the extent to which small business owners are being held back by the UK’s confusing tax system..
By Apr 22,2010 - Comments (79) - Rating (2 votes)

First eBayer convicted for bidding on own items

An eBay user has become the first man in Britain to be convicted of bidding on his own items in order to raise their price, in a practice known as ....
By News Desk Apr 21,2010 - Comments (108) - Rating (1 votes)


Business lessons from Gordon’s gaffe

Gordon Brown sealed Labour’s election defeat with his loose-lipped condemnation of a loyal voter on Wednesday. He will learn lessons from the episode too late, but businesses should avoid such ....
By Apr 29,2010 - Comments (124) - Rating (2 votes)

Let’s end the ‘conspiracy of silence’

As the election race swings towards the home straight politicians from all three major parties are being taken to task over their plans to reduce Britain’s yawning budget deficit..
By Apr 28,2010 - Comments (94) - Rating (3 votes)

Bannatyne won’t let non-doms lie

Dragons’ Den multi-millionaire Duncan Bannatyne is refusing to back down in a feud with rival Dragon and fellow millionaire James Caan over the latter’s non-domicile tax status..
By Dan Matthews Apr 23,2010 - Comments (102) - Rating (1 votes)

Making money Twitter-style

We waited years to see how Twitter would finally start generating money. Now it has – through advertising as well all expected. But if its competitors are anything to go by our ....
By Dan Matthews Apr 14,2010 - Comments (65) - Rating (2 votes)

Homeless guy starts a shop from nothing

There’s a homeless guy near our offices who has taken it upon himself fight both his circumstances and the recession to make a break for a better life..
By Dan Matthews Apr 14,2010 - Comments (61) - Rating (4 votes)

Dell 2130CN printer

The Dell 2130 CN may look like a Soviet era block, with its monolithic no-frills ....

Against the Grain

From a plan to import polo sticks from India to the king of Cobra beer, the ....

Nokia 5800 XpressMusic

The Nokia 5800 Xpress Music is Nokia’s answer to the iPhone. Its touch screen.

Mr Site Pro review

Mr Site Take away Website Pro, to give it its full name, helps you to ....

Ubuntu OS review

You use a standard OS. So why does your techie use Ubuntu?.

Time Recording Kit

If you thought the old time clock was a thing of the past, think again.  The ....

MacBook Air Review

The MacBook Air was one of the biggest launches of 2008, not just of a ....

Sony Ericsson w302

Sony Ericsson's w302 is billed as a cheap Walkman phone and that is what it is. ....

Spanish Islands

Many small firms say the secret to success is their team of skilled staff. If ....

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Let’s end the ‘conspiracy of silence’

Apr 28,2010
07:00 am

As the election race swings towards the home straight politicians from all three major parties ...


Dragons on Twitter

Jan 22,2009
07:00 am

The business credentials of Twitter as a networking tool appeared confirmed yesterday as four out of ...

By Dan Matthews

Las Vegas and its perfect business model

Jun 22,2009
05:00 am

Las Vegas offers the ideal business model: it has developed a culture in which spending money ...

By Dan Matthews

Identify business cash-flow problems

Jul 10,2008
07:00 am

Cash is king, and cash-flow is a good measure of a successful business. Keeping the cash ...

By Steve Jennings

Bootstrapping your way to success

May 11,2009
08:00 am

Economic downturns tend to be self fulfilling. We all help to drive market conditions, so if we ...


Feisal Nahaboo, founder of Probiz Group

Aug 08,2008
08:00 am

Feisal Nahaboo, founder of Probiz Group, explains how he became the "Tesco of the accountancy profession"; ...


Feisal Nahaboo, founder of Probiz Group

Aug 08,2008
08:00 am

Feisal Nahaboo, founder of Probiz Group, explains how he became the "Tesco of the accountancy profession"; ...


Launch a new product or service

Jul 11,2008
07:00 am

Launching a product or service is a critical step for a start-up or early-phase business. Done ...

By Steve Wood

Launch a small business in 10 steps (part 1)

Aug 22,2008
12:10 pm

Every new business start-up has its own unique set of targets, problems and needs - so ...

By Dan Matthews

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